Episode Seven
Series 01, Episode 07
Air Date 7 June 2002
Previous Episode Six
Next Episode Eight

Episode Seven refers to the seventh episode of Jeopardy which belongs to the first series.

Synopsis Edit

The boys are stuck in the bush, the jeep mysteriously disappeared, though Leon has now survived thanks to them finding the anti-venom in a ring of stones. They return to base, where Simon and Chrissy hatch a plot to escape and abandon the group in an attempt to save themselves.

Plot Edit

The boys head back to the camp when they almost get hit by a branch that fell out off a tree. They discover that the brake was a clean cut, David says it's alien activity. Back at the camp the girls find the monitoring equipment burnt. Sarah, Lucy and Shona hear a scream and find Chrissie who can see the words 'JEOPARDY BEWARE' written on the trunk of a tree, the others can't see it.

Chrissie insist that its there and to prove it she asks the tree if the boys are OK, the tree writes 'N' causing Chrissie to freak out. The others think she might be suffering from sunstroke. The boys arrive back at the camp. Simon decides to use Chrissie as a means to get away. Simon apologizes to David and suggest they go fishing. They decide to take the canoe in case they find Gerry or Melissa. Leon gets suspicious when he sees Simon and Chrissie whispering but decides to ignore it.

Simon, David and Chrissie are in the canoe when Simon and Chrissie push David out a row away. Simon suddenly goes off at Chrissie for muttering, Chrissie says she isn't. Simon spots Gerry and Melissa on the river bank. However Chrissie cannot see them. Simon gets excited and capsizes the canoe. Chrissie spots a crocodile and screams.