Episode Seventeen
Series 02, Episode 04
Air Date 27 January 2003
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Episode Seventeen is the fourth episode of the second series.

Summary Edit

They contact a woman called Ed who's grand-daughters also have links with Paramundi ridge.

Full Recap Edit

The next morning the group wake up and find Simon missing. They notice that his bag and wallet are still in the camp site and believe he might have been abducted by aliens. However he was getting donuts and drink for breakfast, Harry thinks something is wrong because the closest town is miles away and he didn't' take his wallet.

They go through the papers and discover that a person named Ed filed a report in the Paramundi area. They decide to go and see Ed. They arrive in the town and they go into a shop, except Shona who wonders off in the other direction and Lucy who follows her. Shona notices the twins across the road and screams when one of them steps out in front of a truck hurtling down the road.

Shona tries to show Lucy the video tape, but the twins don't appear on the film. The rest of the group find out where Ed lives. They all arrive at Ed's place and discover Ed is a she. Ed tells them that they're late. Ed tells the group about the strobes of light and helicopters five days ago, the day they had their encounter.

She also tells them that her granddaughters where there also. Ed convinces them to stay the night. the next morning they are woken up by a radio and a voice telling Ed they're on their way. The group believe Ed turned them in. Ed tells them there is only one road out and they'll be caught, so she hides them and the van under the house. Two agents question Ed and look around. Chrissie sneezes.

Tape stops (end episode)