Episode Three
Series 01, Episode 03
Air Date 10 May 2002
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Episode Three refers to the third episode of Jeopardy's first series, which aired on 10 May 2002.

Synopsis Edit

The group have a hard choice to make over how to save Leon after being bitten by a deadly snake. In the end it is decided that Melissa must make the trek across the outback to the road.

Plot Edit

Melissa tells the group that they have three choices. 1.) Melissa goes back to the jeep and get the medical supplies and bring them back. 2.) They all carry Leon back to the jeep and treat him there 3.) They keep using the radio in hopes of getting contact and get Leon air lifted out.

David tells the others that there is an option four, which is that they use a natural remedy, which the Aboriginals used. Melissa decides that it would be best for her to go back to the jeeps alone.David and Harry go off to find leeches to suck out the poison out of Leon's blood.

Meanwhile Gerry questions his role as a leader, Simon over hears Gerry and gets the others in for a meeting. Simon suggests that they elect someone to be the new leader. David and Harry find the leeches and head back to the camp sight, but end up getting lost, because their compass stop working. When they hear a rustling in the bushes and run and end back at the camp.

Melissa arrives at the jeeps and discovers that they were broken into and everything was taken. Melissa contacts Gerry and tells him she is going back to th town to get new medical supplies. While driving Melissa gets distracted while doing her video diary and almost hit a dingo and crashes the car, knocking her out. Video stops (end of episode)