Leon Duffy

Leon Duffy (Stanley Smith) is one of the main characters in Jeopardy and is part of the the group who travel to Australia in series one.

Leon is energetic and strong like Simon. He doesn't always take things seriously, even when they are, which often agitates the group. He likes to be the centre of attention and brings a bit of laughter to the group even in the saddest times. He strikes up an on/off friendship with Simon.

He tries to play the hero, especially for Shona, who he builds a rocky relationship with. He is immature, but can be sensible and puts good ideas forward. He gets attacked by a snake in the first series and is tended for by Shona. He is the first to get the red eye virus.

He first got the virus when he thought Shona had left him when he was ill. He overcomes it when Shona hugs him and tells him that everything is going to be okay. His eye turns back to normal, but his condition gets worse. He ends up falling down a cliff - we don't actually see him split but he is nowhere to be seen when the rest of the group try to look for him. Shona was devastated.