Series One
Network CBBC
Run 26 April - 19 July 2002
Episodes # 13
Series: 123

Series 1 was the first series of Jeopardy which started off the over all plot. This series ran from 26 April 2002 - 19 July 2002 for a total of thirteen episodes on CBBC on BBC One.

Series Plot Edit

The group go to the Australian outback to look for extraterrestrial activity(aliens). The eight teenagers, their teacher, and a park ranger, Melissa, stay in tents, with monitoring equipment set up around the area. On the first day Sarah sees "Alien lights" and is convinced that they were, but not everyone believes her.

Soon after Leon is bitten by a deadly snake, and the anti venom is missing from the medical supplies. Melissa goes in search of medicine, but something stops her on the way. The teenagers find themselves alone, their teacher's control thwarted by rasher members of the group. The group see strange lights in the sky and radio signals fail. David is thwarted by Simon and Chrissie who escape in turn to save themselves. Later all of the group members including Melissa and Gerry meet up in a small hut. As the series ends they discover that the alien activity was faked by smugglers who were trying to recover a stash of stolen diamonds, but what they don't know is that not all of it was an act. However, as they finally leave to return to Falkirk, they are abducted by aliens......

Episode list Edit

Please note that episodes of Jeopardy don't have episodes names and are simply known by the episode number.

  1. Episode One
  2. Episode Two
  3. Episode Three
  4. Episode Four
  5. Episode Five
  6. Episode Six
  7. Episode Seven
  8. Episode Eight
  9. Episode Nine
  10. Episode Ten
  11. Episode Eleven
  12. Episode Twelve
  13. Episode Thirteen