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Shona Campbell (Shelly O'Neill) is one of the main characters in Jeopardy and is part of the the group who travel to Australia in series one.

Shona is the quietest member of the group. She's shy and very caring, but can let her emotions get the better of her, especially in the third series. She comes across as grumpy and serious, but this is mainly because she is easily upset. Leon shares a rocky relationship with her.

He encourages her to be more outgoing and to cheer up. Her parents don't know she is on a UFO trip, she lied because she wanted to go but knew her parents wouldn't allow her unless it was educational. She feels overshadowed by her older brother who always gets praised for his achievements, whereas she doesn't feel she get noticed. She is misunderstood by most of the group. She becomes very jealous of Chrissie and Leons relationship and thinks that Leon has lost interest in her. They get back together shortly afterwards. Shona is torn apart when Leon falls victim to the red eye virus and disappears. She vanishes second, in front of Helen Stanich

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